Secret Message for Windows Phone 7

Currently available for Windows Phone 7 in two flavors - Standard and Professional.

Features Standard version Professional version
Message Encryption
Send via Email
Send via SMS
No Ads
Post to your friends' or own Facebook wall
Enhanced Encryption 256-bit
Settings Menu
Encryption Levels using SALT and Iterators

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  • Simple

    Type in your secret key, then your message and hit the encrypt button.
  • Secure

    A strong AES algorithm is used to secure the message, resulting in very secure communication that helps you keep your private conversations safe from prying eyes.
  • Share

    Email, SMS, post to Facebook or Tweet it all right from the app.

User Reviews

  • "One of the best apps out there for safe sms."
    -Android user
  • "Awesome application. Works just as described and is very fast and simple to use. Even can save different secret keys."
    -WP7 user
  • "This app works perfectly for keeping messages hidden from everyone who does not have the message key."
    -iPhone user
  • "This is the first app I haven't regretted purchasing! I love it!"
    -Android user
  • "I love this app! So fun to frustrate my friends when they try to read my texts!"
    -Android user
  • "This is a great application."
    -WP7 user
  • "This app is amazing. I can secretly keep messages hidden from people that grab my phone to see the devious acts that I'm up to."
    -BlackBerry user
  • "Simple and effective. Works exactly as expected."
    -Android user
  • "Finally an app that allows me to create messages that I can keep private."
    -iPhone user
  • "This app is awesome... I use it all the time and works so well!"
    -Android user
  • "Great, fun app, easy to use."
    -Android user